This guest post is written by Derek Davis, CPA and founder of  Shared Economy CPA.   At Shared Economy CPA, we had the opportunity to help thousands of property owners with their finances and taxes. Based on our extensive experience, we’ve been able to identify a few key areas when it […]

Top 3 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Rental Hosts

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This post is written by Wes Melton, Co-Founder and CTO of, the fastest growing property management firm in the Great Smoky Mountains region. Wes’ post is the first in a series meant to empower Property Managers everywhere to run best-in-class, functional and profitable property management firms. This post originally […]

The Property Manager’s Guide To The Galaxy: Effective Process Management

Vacation Rental Listing Site Independence 5
  The vacation rental industry is now over $85bn annually, and is growing rapidly. In the US alone, vacation rentals make up 20% of the total accommodation market and 7% of the total travel industry.  As a first step towards generating additional income, owners are listing their properties on vacation […]

The 5 steps to vacation rental listing site independence

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For all newcomers in the vacation rental space, finding the right software to manage their business is no easy task. First, there is a plethora of older, monolitic applications available. Although considered as outdated per today’s standards, they have benefited from years of continuous improvements and practical use cases, making […]

The 8 key characteristics of the killer vacation rental app

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Who we are Welcome to Orbirental! We are a team of technology hackers and vacation rental experts with the ambition to disrupt the vacation rental management space. We are based in San Francisco, California. We love to build products that help people do their job faster and with more fun. […]

Introducing Orbirental: a new way to look at Vacation Rental ...