Orbirental Integrates with Properly’s Leading Turnover Management Tool to Simplify Cleaning and Operations



Since Orbirental’s mission is to provide vacation rental property owners and managers with a platform to automate their work, we are thrilled to integrate a new solution for cleaning and turnover management.  Our new partner, Properly, enables hosts and managers to use text and visual checklists to share instructions with cleaners, schedule all changeover services, and easily manage the entire changeover process in one place.

This integration simplifies everything related to the turnover:

  • Show your cleaners your exact hospitality and staging touches with a visual checklist
  • Schedule cleanings and simplify your invoicing process with suppliers
  • Stay on top of progress in real time and get proof the turnover was completed to your standards through Properly’s integrated photo capture


To get started:

1. Create a free account on Properly 

Orbirental customers benefit from a free 30-day trial on Properly, so you can test the tool at no expense.


2. Enable Properly in your Orbirental account

Use your profile drop down menu and select INTEGRATIONS.



3. Create checklists for your cleaners and home service providers on Properly

Properly checklists ensure turnovers are managed to your requirements.  These checklists use your Orbirental listing photos, so your cleaners can see exactly what guests expect.



4. Schedule turnover jobs with your cleaners in Properly thanks to the Orbirental interface.

Properly lets you monitor cleaners’ progress in real time.  Their photo capture tool lets you oversee the work of your cleaners at any time and provide a record of listing condition after each guest checkout (critical if you have damages).  And thanks to the Orbirental integration, turnover scheduling is simple.



As always, we do welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to leave us comments!