Introducing Orbirental: a new way to look at Vacation Rental Management 1

Orbirental Pipeline

Who we are

Welcome to Orbirental! We are a team of technology hackers and vacation rental experts with the ambition to disrupt the vacation rental management space. We are based in San Francisco, California.

We love to build products that help people do their job faster and with more fun.
We have all been successful entrepreneurs in our own domain and decided to get together and create this venture because we believe that the vacation rental is a booming business space that is ripe of major technological disruption.

What problem are we trying to solve

Vacation rental managers trying to expand their businesses all experience the same problem: the informal tools used to kickstart their business soon become insufficient when the company is growing and more time needs to be spent keeping customers happy and growing the business. The existing tools available are either very bad or extremely expensive, giving them little choice but keep running the company with manual processes and preventing them from an healthy and organic growth.

How we’re solving it

Orbirental’s is helping vacation rental managers, agencies (or property owners starting in this business) automate and streamline their business processes by providing them a modern, easy to use technological solution at a fraction of the cost of software currently available on the market. Based on a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use sale-centric pipeline, and backed by a powerful automation engine, Orbirental maximizes lead-to-booking conversion rates, decreases operation costs and ultimately increases rental revenues for property owners and agencies.

Our philosophy

Orbirental is dedicated to getting our users the technology that will make their business more effective, more productive and more rewarding. Although our team members are experts in their field and passionate about solving this industry’s problems, we want to make this journey be inclusive of our customers’ perspective and grow our solutions with them by sharing practical perspectives and making the product more efficient, one suggestion at a time. We are committed to being data driven in the decisions we make, be adaptable to each and every business we serve and be driven to fulfill the jobs we are being hired for.

We welcome your comments and will make the discussions productive, honest and thought-provoking. Feel free to forward our blog posts to all your peers and keep the communication flow open.

If you have questions that you don’t want posted, you can always send them to

Again, welcome, and enjoy.

  • Alexandre Carranca