CartoBlue Interactive Maps now available through Orbirental



Orbirental’s recent integration with CartoBlue’s interactive platform allows clients to showcase their rental portfolio with interactive map search tools. The portfolio map allows potential guests to pinpoint all available accommodations within an area, amongst its attractions.

Today’s standard of marketing holiday rentals is focused on the interior. However, at the top of the sales funnel we know guests are considering other factors besides four walls and a roof. They want to envision what the vacation experience looks like. What attractions (restaurants, ski runs, beach access points) does the area offer, and how close are the respective accommodations?

The purpose of CartoBlue’s Interactive Map is to answer these initial questions and earn longer engagement. It’s no surprise that guests will shop around, viewing multiple rental management and listing sites before committing to a booking. Capturing interest through a better search experience, greatly increases progression in the sales process.  

The map starts as a top funnel search tool, but has all the functionality to move guests toward converting, directly from the map. These tools are demonstrated in the .gif files below:



1. Availability Search: It’s a must, in order to view which rentals are available during a specific time frame.



2. Complete Customization: Pinpoint the attractions that best define the vacation experience in your area. Guests can use filters to find what they are looking for.



3. Big Content: The map automatically pulls photographs and details from Orbirental’s API. But it doesn’t end there.

The map supports virtually every kind of rich media, from YouTube Videos to 3D Virtual Tours. Include more interactive content, for even higher engagement


4. Book Now Feature: The map is working hard to capture attention. It makes sense to allow the guests to book directly from your map.




The Content Marketing Institute recently concluded a survey involving 182 for profit marketers. Over 80% believe interactive content gains attention easier than static content. We agree with the majority, and are seeing dramatic increases in engagement times when measuring interactive listings versus static counterparts.

Historically, the largest obstacle for interactive content has been the technical complexity of creating it. CartoBlue’s interactive map is automatically created and the customizable features are all easily navigated.

Clients of Orbirental receive a waived setup fee of $199 and a 60-day free trial of the Map. CartoBlue’s client portal provides analytics to measure viewer engagement during the trial. After the trial, the map is only $99 per month.

Click here to get started with our free Cartoblue trial.