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This article provided courtesy of Matterport. Matterport is a 3D media and technology company offering the only end-to-end platform for 3D media content creation and distribution. For major travel and vacation rental brands, Matterport is the easiest way to create immersive virtual experiences of their properties for use on the web and in virtual reality. Orbirental’s open-API platform has seamlessly integrated Matterport’s 3D Showcases to enhance the booking experience for younger travelers.

Vacation rental managers know that their potential guests spend a great deal of time researching before they book. But there’s a simple stat that makes digital property marketing more important than ever: millennials now comprise the largest market segment in America, period.

There are an estimated 87 million Millennials in the country, comprising 25% of the population and $600 billion in spending each year. By 2020, they will comprise around 40% of the U.S. workforce. They’re also more mobile than ever – traveling far and wide for work and pleasure.

Here are three tips to capture this growing market segment.


1. Wow digital guests with interactive online experiences

Millennials are the traveling generation. Acquiring – and retaining – their brand loyalty early in the process will be critical for long-term success. This means meeting their already high expectations with digital experiences that are even more impressive, informative, and credible.

Matterport 3D Showcase is quickly becoming the industry-leading way to do this, by offering a complete, immersive, and interactive view of a property that leaves no stone unturned. This is why Matterport’s easy-to-integrate solution is a perfect fit for the Orbirental platform, which is striving to provide a more seamless way for travelers to book their vacation rentals online. With an immersive 3D Showcase, prospective guests are able to explore every inch of your property, so they have a complete understanding of what they will be getting and whether it meets their needs.

Millennial visitors expect to be able to find all the information they need to make a purchasing decision online. When your listings answer all of their questions, you’re able to abridge the search and booking cycle, and ensure that their expectations meet your offering, promoting higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Make everything you do mobile-ready, and dip into virtual reality

Many target segments connect to the internet from mobile devices as much, or more, than their desktops. Especially among business travelers, a mobile-first strategy is key. But being mobile-first is more than a simple responsive website. Mobile marketing extends from your site, through your advertising, email campaigns, and partnerships.

For email addicts on the go, short and sweet is the name of the game. Emails should have a clear call to action, and images should be as beautiful on a smartphone as they are in a desktop client. Similarly, your ad creative should be clear and legible on smaller screens, and guide visitors to mobile-friendly portions of your site where they can quickly connect with the actions they want to perform.

In 2016, mobile-first experiences have taken another step with smartphone-based virtual reality headsets becoming widely available to consumers. With virtual reality, for the first time, there are digital media experiences on mobile that are actually better – more immersive, more engaging – than their desktop counterparts.

Especially in vacation rentals, where providing travelers with a complete sense of the feeling of their upcoming getaway is key, virtual reality experiences are rapidly disrupting the way vacation rental companies set expectations and drive bookings.

Matterport’s VR-ready 3D Spaces are a great example of immersive content that looks great across web, mobile, and virtual reality platforms and are easily accessible via Orbirental.

3. Empower your guests to re-experience their travels and better share them across social networks

Travelers love social referrals. Recommendations from friends and family carry more weight because their preferences are likely to be similar to our own. While there was a time when property owners feared having to manage positive and negative reviews, now they aggressively encourage each guest to review their property and share out positive reviews to their network.

Putting your properties front-and-center on social channels like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to leverage this social effect and drive reviews for your properties, which in turn boost your credibility across bookers. Matterport’s highly-shareable 3D experiences are an easy way for this growing segment of consumers to re-experience their vacations and share them with their friends and family.

To learn more about Matterport and the hospitality industry, visit www.matterport.com/travel, or explore one of our Matterport Spaces on Orbirental.

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